Partha Chatterjee gets ‘Art of Living in jail’ ADVICE from Mamata Banerjee’s MLA, Says ‘follow Hitler, Gautam Buddha’ | India News

Three blankets and a table fan. Address – Presidency Jail. Former Bengal Cabinet minister Partha Chatterjee has to stay here for the next 14 days. After learning this, once upon a time Mamata Banerjee’s right hand did not make any complaint. Instead, he accepted everything without making any noise. A special Enforcement Directorate (ED) court sent Partha to 14-day jail custody on Friday. He did not raise his head after leaving the room. Instead, he lowered his head and proceeded towards the court’s elevator. A Trinamool activist Devakumar Roy, a resident of Hindmotor came and said, “Dada I am with you. Lord Jagannath will save you.” Trinamool’s former general secretary exclaimed, “Lord Jagannath is not doing anything!”

Presidency Jail Journey 

After that, it seems that the frustration has increased one after the other. Partha was taken to the Presidency Jail from the court. Jail workers complete all government procedures there. After a thorough search, he was asked to enter the jail through a metal detector. Then there was a ‘ting’ sound. Partha stood shocked. The jailer asks, “Do you have anything?” Looking at him, Partha replies in a low voice, “What else is there in this life!”

Cell Number 2

Cell number 2 of the Presidency Jail. Partha’s imprisonment days will be spent in this few feet long cell. According to Jail sources, these cells are made in the size of a small kitchen or a large toilet. Residents were given three blankets. There is a toilet facility in the cell itself. The toilet area is hidden by raising a little high wall. So that the prisoner is under the watch of the guard. The former education minister of the state will stay in this cell along with five other prisoners.

In Prison Life

According to sources, Partha Chatterjee has been kept in a separate cell. At noon, he ate pulses and vegetables. A blanket has also been given to him.

Art OF Living In Jail

Kamarhati MLA Madan Mitra also spent a long time in jail in chit fund case. So he has the right idea about that loneliness. From that experience, Madan advised the Behala West MLA Partha Chatterjee on Saturday, “You have to walk alone for some time in life.” Speaking in this context, Madan cited examples of Adolf Hitler and Gautam Buddha. In the words of Madan, “Hitler went to the bunker alone. According to history, Gautama Buddha practiced sadhana alone. There is a time in life when you have to walk alone. Walking alone is also an art. Time will teach how to fight when walking alone.”

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