‘Worshiping Ravana instead of Ram’, Congress MP makes EXPLOSIVE remark against Modi Government | India News

Amit Shah took a dig at the Congress protests on Friday. He said that this protest sends a message against the Ram temple. Because two years ago on this day, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of the Ram temple. Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury reacted sharply. He said, ‘The government is trying to divert the attention of the countrymen by adopting the Ram theory. This government is worshiping Ravana instead of Ram.”

Adhir Attacks Home Minister

Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury strongly opposed Amit Shah’s comments. He said, ‘BJP is trying to divert people’s attention by resorting to Ram as their only weapon. The government is worshiping Ravan in the name of Ram. The people of the country are suffering under their rule. This government is anti-people and pro-corporate.” Earlier, senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh strongly opposed Amit Shah’s comments. Jairam Ramesh said on Twitter, “Home Minister is trying to divert, confuse and polarize today’s democratic protest against price hike, unemployment, GST. A desperate attempt is being made to create hatred among the people around this protest. Only a sick minded person would attempt such a thing. He wants to distract people from the issues of protest.”

Amit Shah’s Comment 

Opposing the Congress protests, Amit Shah said, “Congress deliberately chose August 5 for nationwide protests. On this day, Congress leaders and workers demonstrated in black clothes. Congress wanted to send a subtle message through the protests on Friday. Congress is opposing the Ram temple through this protest. A 550-year-old dispute has been resolved in court. This solution did not create any tension anywhere across the country. But the message the Congress is trying to convey through the protests today, on the anniversary of the foundation of the Ram Mandir, is clear to all.”

Congress Hits Back

Congress had planned to protest on this day since last one week. Mainly, the Congress leaders protested against GST, inflation, increase in commodity prices, unemployment. Congress leaders wore black during the protest. Permission for this protest was not obtained from the Delhi Police. Even then, Congress leaders protested. Police clashed with Congress leaders as the protest march headed towards Rashtrapati Bhavan. The police tried to stop the protest march. The police tried to drag Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra into the car. When this video was published on social media, many people condemned the Delhi Police.

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